Page 38 connections and connections in use. Set the path to the JBoss directory containing the JBoss application server This is the one containing directories like “bin”, “client” etc. Descriptions include the following: Unless otherwise noted in the brief description, the particular property applies to theobject, and ConnectionPoolDataSource object. Timeout value is in seconds.

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HP NonStop JDBC Type 4 Driver Programmer’s Reference – PDF

If multiple statements are run on different threads in a single connection, statement objects are serialized to prevent data corruption. Installation Guide Sybase Replication Agent Loading container servlet default The contents of the sqlmx-ds.

Also includes information about installing the sample database. Verifying the Type 4 DriverTo verify nonsrop version of the Type 4 driveruse the command: This sample indicates how applications written for a third-party JDBC driver can be executed on the Type 4 Driver with just runtime configuration changes.

View the subsequent exception for possible recovery actions. Page 39 networkTimeout PropertyThe networkTimeout property sets a time limit that the driver waits for a reply jdvc the database server.


JDBC drivers for Tandem HP NonStop

Evaluate any error or error detail information accompanying the message. The application server defines the meaning of these properties. It has two clients: Closing this box indicates that you accept our Cookie Policy. Page 97 exceptions using the throw keyword and handle exceptions using trycatchand finally blocks. The value determines connection pool use as follows: Using the Blob interface: Page 82 HY There was a problem reading from the server.

To enable connection pooling, set the maxstatements property to an integer value greater than 0 zero. See the subsequent exception for more information.

HP NonStop JDBC Type 4 Driver Programmer’s Reference

The password is encrypted with a proprietary algorithm provided by the MXCS product. Defines many terms that this document uses. ForName method within the application Adding the Type 4 driver class to the jdbc.

Box Middlefield, Connecticut Telephone: Some of these conditions are: Enclose the address in brackets “[” and “]”. March Copyright by Sybase, Inc. Explicitly close a prepared statement by using the Statement.


T4LogFile Sets the name of the logging file for the Type 4 driver. Kdbc can substitute later versions of the same products. Refer to the Type 4 Driver manual for a list of valid properties and their effects. See Connection Pooling for more information.

The OSF documentation and the OSF software to which it relates are derived in part from materials supplied by the following: Enabling statement np for your JDBC applications might dramatically improve the performance.

This value is ignored when maxpoolsize is The Type 4 driver implements the javax.