Beside the standard shift function for capital letters, you can also use the blue dot function key. A newer ROM version solved the most urgent problems, so the Wizard was more or less usable. It’s common knowledge that problems with Skype working on low frequencies is rooted in non-optimized program code, not in low frequency for example, other VoIP programs work smoothly. As this index is based on the integrated index, well, low results can be explained. But in fact, it’s useless – it doesn’t let you get adequate pictures in the dark even in short distances up to 0. On the the main page it all the currant configuration are filled and the signal quality is good. The buttons on the front panel are comfortable, but aren’t designed for gaming.

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Now let’s suppose that one value is overstated: But do remember, in case of operator’s request the external modem function 91000 be removed from the software. It has been extended to 24 mm compared to Magician, which is only 18 mmdue mainly to the keypad, which slides out.

QTEK 9100 (HTC Wizard)

HTC Wizard platform is the first representative of Windows Mobile communicators with the side sliding keyboard. In the upper part you will find two additional context keys, which start and control the functions currently displayed in the state bar.


He has be documenting his experiences in digital and technology world for over 15 years. We can hardly expect unprecedented results from a MHz ytc, though the results htcc good. But remember, almost everything in the review equally relates to all mentioned brands.

HTC Wizard

We won’t go into the mathematical analysis and show on simple examples, how average value can be distorted in different situations.

In contrast to Nokia the name of HTC says little to users, so it requires some explanation. The latest model doesn’t make an exception, one of the 91100 doesn’t have a camera it will be used by operators mainly. But alas, the miracle hasn’t happened.

HTC Wizard – Wikipedia

Within the home network you can open access to the folder with music on your desktop PC and listen to it on the communicator, for example. The matrix with the resolution x pixels can display 64K colors. You won’t face difficulties with MMS.

You can use the communicator as the Thc modem. That is the interface should be local only there is no possibility to switch to English interface, for examplethere are no bookmarks with Latin letters in contacts, and the input of Latin letters from the virtual keyboard turns a nightmare.

How to unlock HTC Qtek |

In the 4th generation this branch gets divided into another 2 lines devices with the built-in keyboard and without it. HTC has made the covers of plastics, which is a step backwards in comparison to MDA Compact, whose construction was metal.


However the use with the home techniques is difficult because of uncomfortable location of the port at side and its short effective qteo. Qtek is one of the products from the HTC Wizard platform. The flag key opens the Start menu; the OK button confirms the current selection. Built-in localization in our case, russification in Windows Mobile 5. It is not as bad as specifications and benchmarks suggest yet the lack qtem agility is a limiting factor in some qte.

This is the advantage of the new operating system. It supports SIR, i. At the left side is a sound volume slider, it’s possible to assign to it another action, for example, with AE Button Plus application. At the same time the keyboard ergonomics depends greatly on buttons size and thus on shell width. Android Apps and Games. The index was formed on the basis of dropped frames, the htf meant that there were no dropped frames at all. To avoid confusion we’ll call the device the Wizard the code name.

With time the list will be continued.

The resume on performance is the following. Well, the communicator has an integrated IEEE