Find All didn’t display anything if highlight was selected when searching in folders. “Format XML (Tidy)” was misspelled. Fixed a Firefox preview issue when using mappings. Fixed some undoredo issues in column mode. RJ TextEd is a complete Unicode editor that allows you to produce clean and accurate HTML more quickly.

Including autocomplete, syntax error detection and even an inbuilt FTP server, this is an excellent all-in-one solution.

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You can provide live help and live person interaction to increase sales and improve customer service.

2226 Integrates with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems. What’s new in this version: Version 5. 782 integrates with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Silverlight Client added.

ScreenSwift is an easy to use flash screensaver software that helps you to convert a flash movie into an effective screensaver. You can customize display properties, settings window and the installation screen to completely re-brand 26 Screensaver.

Screenswift has features to give you maximum promotion and brand visibility while keeping your flash movies encapsulated within the screensaver, hence avoiding any further re-use.

HotWhoIs is a convenient and 22 application for obtaining all available information on a given IP address or domain name.


You can retrieve information about the organization or 2266 ISP that owns the IP address, including the country, state, city, address, contact phone numbers, and e-mails.

It can determine name and version of the remote 2226 server. It can also ping remote hosts to check their availability.

Added WhoIs queries for (. cat) Catalan, (. eu) European Union domains. Fixed Argentina (. ar) Domain Whois Lookup. Remove Spanish (. es) Domain Web Whois Lookup because now NICES to prevent automatic Web WhoIs queries ask to type the text on a picture.

Updated IP address range map. Misc improvements. GraphicsGale is an inexpensive, easy-to-use raster graphics editor for spriting, pixel art, and animations.

It can animate images, create and 2266 custom icons and cursors for Windows, and batch-convert files. Its Onion Skin feature lets you view sequential animated frames in place.

The separate GaleBrowser manages files. You can also use GraphicsGale to draw and paint like other graphics tools–it offers layers, effects, TWAIN acquisition, and more–but its primary focus is for producinganimated graphics for games and similar applications.

GraphicsGale works in any edition of Windows likely to be running, from 98 to 8, though obviously newer systems will better handle resource-intensive processes like creating animations.


The program is free to try, and only costs 20. 77, which is less than 262 tools.

GraphicsGale’s user interface screams “graphics editor” on first glance, and there’s nothing wrong with that–that’s what the program does.

Layout features include includes free-floating Preview, Frames, Palette, Loupe (magnifier), and Layer windows. The Help file includes a Tutorial section that explains each tool and feature and simple processes such as creating animated GIFs; the program’s Web site adds more tutorials, such as 2266 to create transparent GIF or PNG files. I started by creating simple animated GIFs using several sets of files, including a series of existing GIFs and a JPEG sequence that was converted to GIFs using GraphicsGale’s batch convert feature.

I could drag frames into order (or into the trash) and edit each frame, individually.

I also tested out GraphicsGale for drawing and image editing.

Creating images pixel by pixel can be very tedious–GraphicsGale simplified the process and results were impressive, considering the applied skills.