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The requirements call out Intel only processors. So Serato keeps saying “Rane Hardware Disconnected”. You have a “sleeper”. I really dont remember the fix, it happened during setup for a gig and it made me run an hour late. If Telly ever comes back around on these boards he could definitely help you out with that. When the box is closed up, it puts slight tension on the bottle caps, and they act as springs – which keeps everything tight when the box is closed up.

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Cool mod and looks like a lot of work done. I had to disable driver signature enforcement. We’re using an Intel processor. You need to use a multi-meter and test your RCA ports connections I could not get the sl3 to work with scratch live on that computer at all, but it had serato DJ installed and it worked fine. The idea was to make the mod as reversible as possible.

The whole problem here is Windows 7 does not work well with USB 1. DJing is low on our priorities at the mo. Failing this, can I offer you store credit as a gesture between friends? Kind regards, Bruce Tobin Customer Support. I used hot glue, and glued water bottle caps to the each side of the SL1 board as a spacer in-between the two pcb’s.


Not sure of the relevance? His computer was running the 64 bit, and I think we may have seato to find a different driver for that version. And I know there’s a decent amount of Traktor fans on these boards. Any suggestions on what to do? All in all I’m super psyched about it. I remember TeLLy did it to his 37 a while back – good stuff.

The way things are set up, if you ripped the A8 and its wires out of the mixer, both pieces should still function fully. This just happens to work because the bottle caps are the right height to make everything in my box flush.

Connecting the Rane SL 1

It holds people back and forces them on the expensive bandwagon. Just came across this. This also ensures that the two PCB’s cannot touch each other. Glad I found this post I’ve got a that I want to put an audio 6 into, but it is tight in there.

I’d like to have something like this with an Audio4DJ. And no, not riskier, just a larger case and more channels to fuss with. I’m thinking of putting in sedato the faders. Thanks, we were wondering if it was something like that but couldn’t find anything online to confirm it. The driver updater says that the SL1 driver has been successfully installed, but when I open Serato it still says the hardware is disconnected.


I talked it over instal my friend and neither of us could remember exactly what the solution we found was.

Might want to give it a try. I had an sl1, sl2, and an sl3 box with me when I installed it. I just got a TTM57SL, which I can now use installl gigs, and I keep the 56 at home, so no more breaking my setup down to go play at the club. Yea it’s nice to have your mixer’s Phono switch do exactly what it’s supposed to do.

the serato SL can find the install of the hardware. unknown device show. |

It’s the latest version 2. Do you insall it would be possible to install and Audio 4 into a 4 channel mixer, possibly turning it into an Audio 8? Serato DJ doesn’t work with the SL1. I do vaguely remember something about it being an issue of the 32 bit vs 64 bit versions of Windows 7.