Created attachment Xorg. I was expirening this bug in Ubuntu Sometimes you see the correct content but skewed, which is what happens if you just move one of the vertices its texture coordinates. That will tell us whether the corruption occurs as we render the glyphs using the GPU or as we upload. Today, we can barely pick one.

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Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Sign up using Email and Password. In other words, is the code obeying the spec, but it would take an odd non-spec workaround to make the HW behave? Created attachment icon corruption Latest git 2.

After enabling the SNA acceleration method and rebooting, I noticed that graphical glitches appeared in the letters on Chromium’s tab bar during the mouse hover animation.

Not confirming on Zenbook, although just upgraded to the 3. Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. Just to linuz it didn’t get removed by mistake very slim possibilityjust run this command: It seems to work fine for a few times lmaybe times switching back and forththen all of a sudden it will start to flash.


Anirban Ghosh, thank you for your comment. Please select another filter or return to the original page. Jmadero jmadero wrote on This worked for me on Ubuntu This lnux impossible x. There are no proprietary drivers available in the hardware manager. At a first sight, the flickering lonux to be gone, but even if it’s much less noticeable at least for me it’s still there. Can you please test with either downgrading pixman to 0.

Graphics Drivers for Linux*

Intel Linux Graphics Drivers Installer. Add comments Local comments Facebook comments. The issue I’m having intell switching between character screens and the graphical screen.

After reading this page https: I have this version installed. I’m experiencing also this nasty bug: Any idea on this? The installer automatically adds the repository that is used to update packages provided by Intel means that, 82q963/q956 addition installer you can also use the update Manager in Ubuntu, apt-get and other utilities to update the packages. Typically you see the affects after running for some time so that memory pressure takes effect or after resume.

Intel 82Q/Q integrated graphics controller issues

Italic text seems to be particularly badly hit, and it seems to vary with the font and size. After switching from the character screen to the graphical screen the screen will just flicker or flash.


Dims Sorry but this is almost 4 years old, and I no longer use Ubuntu, so I don’t remember. The time now is We have a known issue in that we don’t detect the swizzling correctly and so we may end up with corruption if objects are paged out from memory.

Email me about changes to this bug report. Can you please check that attached video is the correct one? That will tell us whether the corruption occurs as we render the glyphs using the GPU or as we upload. Download from official website installation package for the correct version for your system.

Having been burnt by bugs uncovered iintel aggressive compiler optimisations before, it helps to keep me calm to have a sanity check.

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