Cyan Cyan is an interactive based CPU governor intended for heavy gaming and processes. If it freezes, you will have to do a hard boot hold power and HOME key simultaneously until it reboots. Are you a developer? I set mine at two today and only noticed lag once or twice. This means more performance and less battery life. OnePlus 6T mod lets you customize the fingerprint scanner icon [Root] December 26, Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2.

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Awesome performance and screen off time is minimal. Tests in this post made on Doomkernel v07! I think you are right to think ingelliplug technically it isn’t the best in both cases, so I might have to do further research!

Conservative hotplug driver by showp This is most beneficial when you are doing something like reading; the screen is static or playing light games that won’t need boosting any more The governor comes from Moob kernel for nexus 4. This kernel can be overclocked over intellipluug standard Touchpad voltage regulator settings. Use Kernel Adiutor for tuneable parameters in the kernel. Try turning off cores in kernel hotplug. Post horplug Comment Please respect the admin of the website and don’t post spam!


Cycles to wait after the last hotplug event to plug another core values 0 1 2 3 4.

Haldi’s Benchmark Thread for Governors&Undervolting&Overclocking the Z2

Zero disables and will calculate ramp down according to load heuristic. Max CPU’s hotplugging limit. Up threshold frequency to turn second core On, when some other conditions is also met. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Not gonna happen anytime soon! Allowed values 10, toThe difference between PegasusQ and YanksusQ is that it doesn’t ramp too aggressively when screen turns on less battery drainage.

Dan asked for ideas for lspeed. I can not upload a screen shot on here as I have to link the image to a URL. Yankasusq is another modified pegasusq but with including screen off freq tunable and some other modifications as well. At Minimum Frequency there is enough power to keep the device alive and drain the battery faster.

Great battery life, a custom qualcomm based hotplugging driver by myflux. Therefore, touch boost bloat is removed. In the CPU governor tunables some governors allow this you can change it to your specific needs.


For more info about Haldi’s benchmarks, visit inttelliplug Sorry for the spelling errors! Flyme Os 7 Nougat xperia Z2.

Yeah trickster mod, I am using the donate version but maybe the free version is sufficient. It always keep 2 cores online and will online additional cores based on load conditions.

No need to clear caches, format system, or any other preparation. Kraken Based on ElementalX but with tweaks for better performance uotplug remaining well balanced. I’d like to see a baseline run of where mpdecision isn’t used.

Adding a hotplug alternative or option to a kernel | thealaskalinuxuser

First issued when installing the kernel using TWRP mount: I tried to raise the min cpu frequency but it didn’t help. It has a good balance between performance and battery savings. Also, will this kernel work on Official CM Or alternately you can set the cpu.