From in here, you can select race events, check relationships with other drivers, and purchase DLC. Does this even sound like rally racing anymore? They sound realistic enough to get the job done, but in truth are not very convincing. This site uses cookies. Five times in each event or race, you can rewind time to before you make a bad corner or before you crash, and you can pick up and play from that point on.

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You will also be able to forge relationships with other rally drivers in the game. These play as point to point rally stages, but there are many breakable checkpoints all along the course, and to win you essentially have to break through more of jatde than the opposition. Unfortunately, the friendships that you develop hardly matter at all.

Since I bought DiRT 2 to play a rally game, I find myself sticking mostly to Croatia and Morocco, where I find most of the enjoyable rally events to be located. Look, the old Rally Cross games were not rally racing, nor are more recent games such as MotorStorm.

In terms of events, I was a little upset to find that there is a huge lack of actual rallying in DiRT 2. Another feature that returns is the flashback ability. All cars feel like they have genuine mass to them now, and they behave as such.

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Actual rallying feels more developed in DiRT 2, and I really enjoy whipping around hairpins in rally cars, something that tqylor extremely rare in the first DiRT. As for me, well, I think I might like the first one more.


Codemasters aimed for style with this game, throwing in loud punk rock tracks and making half of the text in the game look like graffiti.

The game was received favourably by gamers and reviewers alike, so it was only a matter of time before they capitalized on the success of the first DiRT game and released a tylor. From in here, you can select race events, check relationships with other drivers, and purchase DLC.

Jayde Taylor

Nothing really stands out as being exceptional in DiRT 2, and unlike the first game which looked absolutely stunning when it came out, Ra,ly 2 just looks simply good. To hop into an event, you have to first select one on the event map that is laying on a table inside of your trailer.

The sound in DiRT 2 is about the same as it was in the first game, meaning that the sounds of cars accelerating and crashing are about what you would expect. As you race, you will earn experience points and level up. Gameplay features and menus are almost ripped straight out of Jade, which makes the game give off a sense of deja vu that it truly should not have.

The game itself is presented as a full career mode. Last year, DiRT 2 was released and received an even greater reception than the first. For the most part, DiRT 2 is a vicious offroad racer that can be quite unforgiving at times. The voice acting in the game is a different story though, and I find that it taaylor me frequently. Skip to content Home Posts tagged ‘Jayde Taylor’.

When you choose one, the camera pans back and takes you outside so that you can select a car. I have no experience with the DS or PSP versions of the game, therefore this review has absolutely nothing to do with them.


Real life rally drivers Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, Tanner Foust and Dave Mirra can be befriended, as well as two fictional female drivers named Jayde Taylor and Katie Justice, whom I presume are in the game to add some equality to the game. What takes only a few seconds in conventional racing games can take a minute in DiRT 2.

Throughout races, fellow drivers will make witty quips about you or the circuit, or yell at people who hit them. Most events are competitive races, meaning multiple laps and a full field of opponent racers.

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A better relationship with a rival driver will really only increase your chances of partnering them in team events. I find that this menu system is a little cumbersome. This can take several seconds or more to find an event that you want to do. As soon as you start the game, you are thrown into your travel trailer which is rendered in full 3D.

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This site uses cookies. To find out more, including how to control taulor, see here: Instead, gaining levels unlocks new events to race as well as new liveries and car decorations. Co-drivers sound good and do their jobs well, and listening to them is more of a required fixation rather than a distraction.