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You just plug a mini-USB cable in and it shows up as a mass storage device. I have a few neg. I kind of wish there was a snap on lens cap, but no luck there. Bag is less than two months old, is in mint condition. It should work i barely used it. Increase the search radius for more results. The TV output also works great.

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HD video looks good. Had a lot of problems with the file conversion software when using Windows Movie Maker. HD Jazz video recorder. The major convenience of this camcorder is the convenience of flash memory.

The fixed lens also means that jzzz can only use digital zoom which looks pretty goodbut you aren’t going to get great focus at a distance.

That way you can re-encode without disturbing original video, but may work better with the video software you like best.

Jazz Elite HDV178 High Definition Camcorder

Is the only way to get this camera to keep a charge is to charge it using an external charger? Equipped with a 2.

I’ve had this for quite a while. Search radius km Increase the search radius for more results. I wore it all day on my belt iazz the amusement park and didn’t find it uncomfortable. If yours doesn’t have that, the I’d probably have the store exchange it. If you want to create a Vimeo account, there is an option to download the original file hd1v78 you can see the full quality. The red light is on but when I unplug it the camera wont go on.


Comes with all accessories you see in photos.

Jazz Elite HDV High Definition Camcorder | eBay

There are textured rubber grips on the whole body. Increase the search radius for more results. I took it for an important function, downloaded it to my pc and found out the audio and vidio dont rhyme. I used it to show video to my parents from the camera, and it looked pretty good on their SD TV.

I tend to brace it on a railing or other object or use both hands to steady it. For Blurry pics, which are usually the closer up shots, use macro setting.

I’ve missed recording cute baby moments because the camera wasn’t ready.

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It does have a still picture button though that makes it act like a normal digital camera. I bougth the Jazz elite the problem I have is I can’t see what I’m videoing for the glare on the flip out lense. You just plug a mini-USB cable in and it shows up as a mass storage device. Not a big deal though.


There is a power adapter supplied with it that terminates in mini-usb. You can also capture still photographs in 11 MP with this Jazz camcorder. I haven’t run the camera completely out yet, but from what I’m reading on forums you can record almost 2 hours straight on one charge. Make sure you have the battery in the right direction. Anon Mine came with a wall adapter that terminated in a mini USB plug. Anyone know how I can synchronize the vidio jaaz audio? This isn’t unique to the HDV I have this camera and the pictures are blurry and smudgy if you are not completely still Try installing the K-Lite Code pack or playing the video in a different piece of jjazz.