I don’t know why it works well locally, I need your help, thank you so much! So, while running the compiled java file, jre is not able to find the mysql jdbc driver. I had a similar problem, just verify the port where your Mysql server is running, that will solve the problem. But it wouldn’t find it until I used either one of these two statements before getting the connection:. You have to load jdbc driver. But jdk 8 takes care of it.

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No suitable driver found 9 answers. Then recompile the code using the command javac. You have to load jdbc driver.

When running the code outside of tomcat, from a standalone java app, this worked just fine: Eclipse Juno downloaded, not installed via the software centreTomcat 7 downloaded in a custom user directory also added as a Server in Eclipse, Dynamic Web Project with a 3. I also had the same problem some time before, but I solved that issue. Your program like below will compile fine but as soon as you will run it you will get the error “java.

I was also getting the same error but could not find a single working solution and wasted my whole day after it.


Prasad Khode 4, 9 30 Newer Post Older Post Home. Driver” ; I then followed up with removing mysql-connector-java Most of time it happen because two mysql-connector-java Hope this helps anyone starting development with this specific situation: But it wouldn’t find it until I used either jdbcexceptiondeporter of these two statements before getting the connection: Copied jar from the Platform Independent zip file into the folder prompted in TeamCity setup and hit refresh drivers button.

No suitable driver found for jdbc: I even tried to copy mysql-connector-java JMeter restart will be required to pick the library up” Please be sure that.

Try to find out the latest mysql-connector-jar version and add that to your classpath. In JDBC 4 the drivers are able to be loaded automatically just by being on the class path.

Interbase eption: No suitable driver

The reason you got this error: I have not loaded the driver class, but it works locally, I can query the results from Usitable, however, it does not work when I deploy it to Tomcat, and the errors below occur:. This question has been asked before and already has an answer. Then run the file. Double click on Tomcat server in eclipse servers view, it will open the tomcat plugin config, then either:.


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You’ll have to read the manual on your specific mysql jdbc driver to find the exact string to place inside the the Class. I’ve found that with Tomcat 7 and Java 7 it is once again necessary to execute Class.

I had the same problem, all you need to do is define classpath environment variable for tomcat, you can do it by adding a file, in my case C: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Joan Payano Camacho jdncexceptionreporter 1. Its legacy code but it mo most likely fix this problem because this is a very old driver.

In your code you are missing Class.

Deathcore Ortega 19 5. So, while running the compiled java file, jre is not able to find the mysql jdbc driver. You should not need jdbcexceptjonreporter.