After some degree of searching I came across this thread and voila, problem solved.. Once testing of the upstream kernel is complete, please mark this bug’s Status as Confirmed. These files contains dmesg output from the test with the 2. To get an nvram image, you need the nvram driver which is part of the Linux kernel and can be loaded as module. Hi, This is the same issue i face. Launchpad couldn’t import bug from Linux Kernel Bug Tracker. One day after installing updates on the

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So I’ve got the same issue but a slightly different experience. With which bios version did that work?

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ISO CD images are available from http: And I didn’t open it in a text editor Woz eric-ericwozniak wrote on Message 5 of 9. When the system is restored from suspend, wireless remains turned on, dmesg shows “ath9k: No idea why, though. Penalver penalvch on You can show the bios version, which is currently installed, by typing: This does appear to be a bios bug triggered by activation or deactivation as it would have it of the wireless switch on the side of the case.


I had been wwimax I did some tests again: Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater on I guess the management application is changing some bios configuration under windows and reflecting it on Linux where we dont have a lenvoo to FIX. Also, wifi LED has been perpetually winax, even after the suspend-then-wakeup workaround.

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Have a nice day! When installing an own kernel I forgot to create the initrd. You are not directly subscribed to this linm notifications.

Hi everybody, More than one year has elapsed and Lenogo still neither brought a fix nor gave any feedback about that bug. Link to Lenovo Ideapad S driver page below: Hello, I would like to confirm that I also have this exact same problem in every respect exact same device and OS. Michael, I’ll use the dd trick as soon as I get access to the affected system in question.

The problem is still that it has hardblocked phy0 which cannot be unlocked. None, the status of the bug is updated manually. View all comments or add a comment. Hi Michael, Unfortunately, there isn’t much in the nvram proc file. I never installed windows, but now the problem has reoccurred about two months later. More than one year has elapsed and Lenovo still neither brought a fix nor gave any feedback about that bug.


Ashwyn Falkingham ashwyn-falkingham wrote on Depending on your point of view, it could be more or less scary than pulling the battery.

WLAN still remains hardblocked and there is no way to change it. 51550 my case, the issue didn’t appear until I disabled wireless using the switch on the side of the laptop. I am going to use that one! Michael Mess, could you please test the latest upstream kernel available following https: Gently tilt the top edge of the keyboard toward you.

I have retested with the raring daily build from yesterday with network manager 0.