As Zappacosta told Fortune: The firm also continued to seek growth through new product lines. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, Intrigue produced advanced remote control devices for entertainment products such as televisions, DVD players, and the like. Microsoft Corporation; Creative Technology Ltd. By , 80 percent of revenues were coming from the retail side. Over the next few years, the company developed more than 15 more peripherals for consoles, two of the most popular being cordless controllers for the PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox, both introduced in Among the numerous other new products introduced in was the io Personal Digital Pen, a pen with a built-in camera for electronically capturing written notes for transmittal into a PC document.

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WTB: Philips CD-i wired gamepad (Gravis or Logitech?)

The four Macro switches store different key combinations for different games. Engelbart’s invention would change the pair’s direction. Its much like the old version except for two buttons on the left side, one toward the front and one toward the back of the stick.

Hardware proved an easier investment sell than the pair’s software dream. Microsoft Corporation; Creative Technology Ltd.

WTB: Philips CD-i wired gamepad (Gravis or Logitech?) – Wanted – AtariAge Forums

If you intend to use your stick in DOS and WIN95 and need a functioning throttle, you might be best to look elsewhere. One of the most important inventions for “personalizing” computers was that of the computer mouse. De Luca moved quickly to enhance Logitech’s image beyond that of a mouse and joystick maker ligitech that of the leading computing interface company. Logitech supplies a setup program that they describe as “intuitive.

Best Gravis Video Game Controllers | eBay

In that same year Logitech made another significant acquisition, buying up 50 percent of Gazelle Graphics Systems, of California. Home Archive Forum About. This might not matter much if you play a sim for an hour a day, but if you intend to do some serious flying you are going to respect the comfort factor. It did what I expected it to do, simply and without argument. The center of manufacturing was now in Suzhou, China, where Logitech had opened a manufacturing facility in Now what about the other features, like the throttle and Autofire?


Later in Logitech announced plans to build a new factory in Suzhou, China, with graviz initial capacity increase of 30 percent, and it also introduced the world’s first laser cordless mouse. The company would acquire full ownership of Gazelle ingiving Logitech control of Gazelle’s innovative trackball technology, which soon would become an important feature of the growing portable computer market.

Logitech believes that the Company is well positioned to take advantage of the many opportunities in this growing marketplace. Act Labs pronounces that the Eaglemax is “hyper programmable. It worked fine with all these, and I had no difficulty using my CH rudder pedals at the same time. I tested the Eaglemax in Comanche 3 and it worked perfectly.

By default the elevator trim control is disabled, so you must access the control menu to change this. If you’re lucky a friend might have a stick you can try before you buy.

The software seems simple enough and is versatile enough to allow you to program keyboard macros and even to set delays. In contrast to the United States, where high-tech companies could find a vast pool of venture capital and other financial backing, especially for the development of computer technology and products, the European situation in the late s remained fixed on an older corporate model.

Best known as a producer of mice, the company has shipped more than million of the essential devices in numerous models–including corded, cordless, optical, and laser. But maybe more amazing is that you can program the buttons at any time, just as with Suncom’s sticks, without having to exit the game or enter a special setup program.


Although early Ultrasound boards had some compatibility issues, Gravis began making PnP products and then got out of sound boards entirely. As for the handle itself, tension is adjustable by sliders under the base. By the fiscal year ending in MarchLogitech had enjoyed a remarkable string of success during a down period for the personal computer industry.

With the backing of a number of Swiss investors, Borel and Zappacosta set up the company that would later become known as Logitech. The first commercial presentation of the mouse also would present the first “windows”-type graphical user interface, which, controlled by the mouse, would enable the computer to become accessible for individual and home use, and not the private domain of highly trained programmers.

The company’s shares rose an astounding percent during the year, the peak year for the Internet bubble. Throughout the late s and early s Logitech continued to build its position in the computer market. By then Logitech had moved into the retail channel, with the launch of its C7 mouse in December IBM and its personal computer range, which already had succeeded in defining an industry standard for personal computing.

In March Logitech significantly strengthened its position in the audio peripheral sector by purchasing Vancouver, Grvais Labtec Inc.