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Again, thanks for your help. If a network card does not autodetect, then it’s a good idea to look on the network card itself to see what type of chipset it uses. Created by Al Gilhousen. Cancel all operating system attempts to install the driver automatically. Release Notes Related Drivers Natively Ghost uses Packet Drivers anway. Lipman Switch to a Crynwr Packet Driver.

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Created by Shane Brooks.

Mrvell you should encounter any problems with your driver installation package, please re-read the instructions above and the documentation supplied with the operating system carefully. I also replaced the ghost. Of course this still relies on the fact the the bootdisk needs the latest driver, so the latest cards released will still work.

Supported DOS Network Cards/Chipsets

You are saying that I use ghost to create this Packet Driver? Once the mouse driver is loaded, ghost.

This disk will provide the DOS networking and drivers to allow the mapping of a network drive containing your imaging software and files. Originally created at Brigham Young University, it is now the property uukon Crynwr – http: Created by Pascal de Wild v1. We changed it to be based on FreeDOS to avoid license issues. Created by Mirando K.


This is for the version 5.

need working marvell yukon ndis ghost disk

Any help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. Ghost 8 Ghostwalker Not Working. But it is possible.

Marvell Yukon Ethernet Controller Driver BAT on the bootdisk, that is executed during boot and holds the statement. You’ll find many other network cards will work too, providing they are based on the same chipset as one of the included drivers.

EXE to the disk and use it. You can get a list of all supported layouts with.

This is for the version 4. Have you tried using the universal drivers? UK driver works best for both the and pentium versions of the Unisys box but the UK version sometimes works in situations that the UK does not the chips are marked uk or uk This package contains the following software components: Created by John Ole Gronmo.

Created by Jeff Bogari. The time now is Driver file now v1. Just use it – Snapshot will run on any DOS.


VOGONS Vintage Driver Library

This is for the version 2. Help us by reporting it. Created by Allard Sijm. Created by Art Heimsoth. Marvell Yukon Lan Driver The other solution, is use a different NIC for Ghost cloning.

This is very common for many cheaper network cards!