Shut down in [9]. Fixed wireless; Louisiana []. Former Kineto Wireless Inc. Former Vectone Mobile [33]. Former Landssimi hf []. Uses Digi; MNC withdrawn [].

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E Test Engine Simulator 2. The toolkit features an object-oriented architecture.

Mobile country code – Wikipedia

Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative. Former Crossroads Wireless Inc. Former E-Plus; test network []. Former Nordisk Mobiltelefon; data services only [38]. CDMA shut down in June [98].

Maxcom Mcc 080 Vision

Former Geneseo Communications Services Macxom. Kansas; former High Plains Wireless L. Former Highland Cellular, [] Cingular [] [9]. Former E-Plus [] []. The Carphone Warehouse Limited. Former Uniqa Intelsur N.

See Former Netherlands Antilles. Network code operational only at land borders and Airport to visino inbound roamers to join Former Cricket Wireless ; shut down in September [] [39]. MNC withdrawn [] [] []. Holds unused spectrum in Jersey []. Albemarle County Public Schools. Former iCentrex Sweden AB [] [] [93].


Wireless Local Loop [11]. Former NetAmerica Alliance [] [39]. D Block for future use []. LTE band 28 [5] []. Former Fisher Wireless Services Inc. National roaming with Orange UK ‘s 2G network.

LTE band 7 [5]. Former Mobimax AB [] [].

MVNO on Vodafone’s network [] [] []. C block fixed broadband; Illinois [9] [].

Former BellSouth [10] []. LTE band 20 [5].

Mobile country code

Mark Twain Communications Company. Former Keystone Wireless Inc. LTE band 40 [5].