We do however wish Lenovo paid more attention to the keyboard which looked slightly out of place in terms of design. The Lenovo IdeaPad U is cheap, light, and well designed, but don’t expect anything amazing from the ultra-low voltage processor and small battery. The included accessories are an added bonus — the light weight and rigid materials make this laptop not only durable, but good looking as well. Lenovo ideapad U Source: Battery life is a crucial consideration for an ultraportable.

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Overall the IdeaPad U is a recommendable notebook, though it will be up to the end consumer to decide whether the thin-and-light design is worth extra money over a standard Overall, it is a good choice for someone wanting a very compact laptop about the size of a netbook but with more performance.

We also like the form-factor a lot too, as mini-PCs like the Asus Eee PC are a bit too small for practical use, and Battery life is strong for an ultraportable but falls short of some other CULV based laptops.

In the end, the Lenovo IdeaPad U offers a fairly standard feature set with average performance, but it’s all built into a nicely integrated, slick-feeling maxddata that makes it a real joy to use as an adjunct to an office desktop. Currently, the pricing may be one of the main peo holding this notebook back. Ersteindruck und Hardware Source: I do wish that you could opt for a beefier configuration as it only comes pre-configured with fixed specifications.

The system is plagued through with a relatively high price tag, performance dragged down by its slow hard drive and a screen that can be unbearable to look it in certain conditions.


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Mmaxdata switched the feature off after a couple of days. If you want an affordable, easy-to-carry laptop without the screen and keyboard trade-offs of a netbook—and can live with merely adequate performance—the U is worth a look.

This first hits you when, after you fire up and start typing, you realize that the keyboard is actually–dare I say it? There are a few too many problems with the Lenovo Idea Pad Us for us to recommend it, not least of which is the high price tag.

Maxdata Pro 600i Drivers

For the enthusiast expecting Thinkpad quality and features, the Ideapad is still no substitute. The low voltage CPU works well with Windows 7 to provide enough power for daily usage, and when you add the ATI graphics, the machine can excel at multimedia and gaming as well.

Just don’t expect to watch a lot of movies on it. Performance is very good for such a small profile.

Coming at it from the other direction, the U is much less expensive than just about any This latest version improves upon what was already one of our favorite such programs. Ultrabooks im Vergleich Source: Still, if you’re looking for a classy maxdzta ultraportable, the IdeaPad U is a compelling choice.

Nonetheless, the U still feels a little rough around the edges as evident through some idiosyncrasies in its power management and fan behavior. The humble U has a compact, lightweight chassis fit for a netbook, but is destined for much more thanks to superior hardware — including an Intel Core 2 Duo CULV processor — shoehorned inside. But hopefully, these issues should be resolved by Lenovo as production of the U progresses. It certainly serves as a notice to other manufacturers that there’s really no need to imitate Apple in order to succeed.


The build quality is about average for a consumer notebook.

Lenovo Ideapad U Série –

Lenovo Ideapad U im Test: The audience for this niche segment already exists, all we need now are more options and cheaper prices. In the end, the IdeaPad U is an innovative notebook with some very attractive design elements and a solid feature set. But even so, the Us occupies the same position in the ultrabook space that Lenovo’s high-end ThinkPads do in the general laptop sphere—an enviable option for lucky executives, travelers, and students. Cheap materials and confused styling make the outside something to be tolerated more than appreciated, and a low-resolution screen and pile of cruddy software waiting on the desktop for new owners carries that cheap feeling right over to the inside.

It’s glossy screen and limited connectivity do let the side down though, and could prove its downfall when we come to giving it a full review.

We’re still waiting for the perfect Ultrabook, but the Us is a very good choice for those pining for a Windows-powered Air alternative.

The trackpad also needs some work as both its surface and the responsiveness which was lackluster and not up to Lenovo’s usual standards. Lenovo is best known for its excellent ThinkPad business laptops, but also offers entry-level machines via its Series.