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Is it posible to downgrade the boot loader from Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Please Yuet, help me! You can send me private message in my site www. D0 L7 with this method, no drilling required:

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Mayank, what’s your bootloader version? Do I have to do something in the device manager before it will connect?

Motorola Inf (driver) celulares Motorola Free Driver Download

Vendors Accessories Dealers and Shops. Please Yuet, help me! If you can help me get this problem corrected then we can go from there. Hi I Have Flex: Have you tried to flash it with the yuet MP? I used p2k ET to flash it.

Hello, thnx for the help, i was able to unlock my phone v but i couldnt flash it step 6 i tried about all of the monster packs but it jus gives me this error”Failed flashingg process. The available XM Satellite Radio delivers channels of satellite radio programming that is accessible across the entire country 24 hours a day. I’ve tried all the methods on here and still no success, but I remembered reading somewhere that you just bought something to unlock it?


If this unlocking process won’t work for you, try the Repair PDS method. Vehicle audio systems automatically mute and resume mottorola conjunction with the phone call, and the system is auto-answer capable. Initially I got Critical Error I got my phone in S blank neptune LTE2 once. How long does the unlock process take when using p2k easy tools 3.

Best BlueTooth option for a 7th gen Accord – Drive Accord Honda Forums

Anyhow, apparently you can buy harnesses for Parrot BlueTooth systems so you can just plug everything in and be good to go without splitting any wires or modifying your HU at all: I can see u have almost done it, so you shouldn’t give up. Leolap, you are lucky.

I tried all the shx files I found on the net Yuet’s and the forov’sto get an “s blank neptune” configuration, without any success. So th at’s all i know about it.

Latest Posts More Recent Posts. Please try to describe the problem clearer. English, Chinese, Cantonese I Like: I have tried YuetMod v3. A0 so i know it works with it.



I would think that voice recognition features, etc Press the headset’s power button and i’m good to go It’s the easiest solution i’ve thought of, and the sound quality’s fine. And this is also impossible to downgrade from I just checked a few sites and no one has it listed now. This really blows because my mp3 just got ruined, and now my phone was my v60m source of music.

Used P2K to flash the MP. Ok, so V360j just got an activated my new cellphone Sorry for my English.

Yuet Blog – iPhone, Motorola phone, J2ME, Mac: Unlock/Repair PDS without Testpoint

Thanks a Billion Yuet! I encountered that error before, so it can be revived. On the d0 phone, the original frimware was vodafone.