I tried now, but still no audio. I can’t see any bent CPU pins? Also I removed my hd but that didn’t fix it either. Try different cables see if it helps. I am unable to get the onboard sound to work ALC

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MSI Z77A-GD65 Motherboard

When the ram was purchased, was it a quad channel kit or 2 x dual channel kits? Not all cases play nice with all motherboards–I had one Antec case where I had to place a small strip of electrical tape at the backplane in order to prevent solder joints from touching parts of the case, and this happened to be the solder joints for the onboard sound which was creating a real nasty z77q-gd65.

So it is only when I’m playing games. The sound doesn’t work inside or outside the case.

In the Realtek display panel the Digital output is enabled and the front jack and backpanel are greyed out. Try disabling digital output.

New Z77A-GD65 – No Onboard Audio

Bad grounding can cause this as well. Also I z77x-gd65 my hd but that didn’t fix it either. AMD phenom IIx4 black edition 3.

Also, if it is the pins you may be able to fix them. I really like this mobo, but seriously something this nagging is going to be a deal breaker if I can’t find a solution. This is what I’m looking at: I am unable to get the backpanel to be detected at all. Abula on August, There is also Dolby live but I’m not sure if the Realtek can or is able to use it to live encode.


Setup the PC outside the case None of which have solved my problem.

MSI Z77A-GD65 Motherboard – On-Board Peripherals of 10 – Hardware Secrets

Thanks in advance, Pepie. Please login or register. You have manually set the speed to run at and it keeps reverting back to auto?

It was a single 16GB kit – so 4×4. I’ll let you know how it went with the retailer when i get a reply from them. The chokes vibrate and whine when C-State lowers the voltage when the computer is idle.

Here is a screen shot Digital is disabled and even though my speakers are plugged into the Green output on the back of the motherboard it’s not registering in Windows.

Normally setting Headphones front and Speakers back to standard device should be sufficient to switch between those.

They refuse to replace it because of bent pins? So that’s good news. The memory is fine as this motherboard is a replacement for an nsi P67 board which didn’t have enough PCIe 1x slots for my hardware, so I’ve just migrated the hardware.


The RAM is now working at Mhz without any issue, so it seems like you have cleared up that little instability.

HU16E on January, Are you talking about a buzzing or hissing coming from inside the computer case, or from your speakers? Not sure if this is gona help or if im wrong, but of no one else helping, ill give a shot, I never really tried the DTS Connect as i let the soundcard decode and send it through 3.

Recieved an email from the place of purchase. EDIT; I found it and turned it off in the bios. When looking at playback devices, The realtek digital output configuration button is greyed out and the default format option in the advanced tab only shows options for 2 channels.

A quick question while i try your suggestion.

If from inside the case, it could be the voltage regulators on your video card making the noise.