Controller boar d vertical From the library Status screen, select Menu. OperationUtilities AreaThe Utilities area lets you select the following screens: Tab l e 2 lists two-drive models. Each of the tape drives in the library, and the library controller constitute a separateSCSI target.

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Installing the library two-drive model shown 9. The Remote Management Interface hosts a dedicated, protected Internet sitethat displays a graphical representation of your pibrary.

Theright-hand AC receptacle is for the top power supply. The SCSI terminator must always be connected to the library controller board forproper operation when configured as standalone or master.

About this GuideAny surface or area of the equipment marked with these symbolsindicates the lirary of a hot surface or hot component.

Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Spares for L TO Ultrium 2 ta pe drives do not offer hot-plug capab ility.

For four-drive models, the lowest numbered tape cartridge slot 2 is theone closest to the front of the upper-left magazine. Illustrated Parts C atalog. Invalidelement type was detected. Tell us what’s missing.

maintenance and service guide hp StorageWorks MSL and MSL series tape libraries

Cartridge Slots Tape Drive. If the same error occurs again,contact your authorized service provider. TroubleshootingRunning Library Diagnostic TestsUse the following procedure to run internal ilbrary of library functions.


Inhibits the logging feature. Fortwo-drive models, this option lets you gain access to the left or right-handmagazine doors separately, or both magazine doors for tape cartridge placement orremoval.

Page 63 Library ConfigurationFigure IP address determination llbrary. From thisscreen, touch a magazine icon to display detailed information about the cartridgesin that magazine.

On the Menu screen, touch the Library option in the Edit Options area.

Attach the inner rails to the library using the supplied Allen wrench andscrews. Flex cable kit Page Remote ManagementInterface5Many of the same operations performed from the front panel can also beperformed remotely using the Remote Management Interface.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Updating firmware using the Remote Management Interface4. With specificregard to the laser, the equipment complies with laser product performancestandards set by government agencies as a Class 1 laser product. Thi s guide de scr ibe s pr ocedur e s fo r installi ng, c onf igur ingope r atingmsk5000 tainin g, a nd. Page 30 IntroductionRoboticsMSL Series tape library robotics consist of a cartridge shuttle, motor hardware,motor drives, and other msl5000 electronics see Figure 5.


If necessary, enter the appropriate password. Page 89 OperationTable 7: This button allows you to move a selected cartridge to a target drive or cartridgeslot.

OperationInserting and Removing Tape CartridgesUnless you are using the mail slot sa tape magazine must be removed from thelibrary to remove or insert tape cartridges. Page Remote Management InterfaceAccessing the Remote Management InterfaceTo access your library remotely, the library must be in the ready mode to establishcommunications with the Remote Ms,5000 Interface.

HP MSL Series Tape Library – new, refurbished and spares

Replace DriveDeactivates a drive prior to its removal. ContentsMagazine door mechanical releases emergency access. The left-hand AC power receptacle is for the bottom power supply. IntroductionRoboticsMSL Series tape library mwl5000 consist of a cartridge shuttle, motor hardware,motor drives, and other support electronics see Figure 5. Fully tighten the rear rail screws.